Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our fantasy football year in review

First off just wanted to do some bragging. We won our fantasy football Super Bowl and I finished second in my other one.  Thank god for Vick, Bowe and Jennings. We took the most points by 8. We averaged 100 points a game and won the SB with less then 80 points. Now for my team. It went in the tank at the worst possible time I was over 100 points every week from week 9. I only scored 55 points with only leaving 22 points on the bench. I lost to the 6th seed who got 102 points. Who only had maybe 2 100 point games all season. I had the second most points in the league with over 1300 had only 4 games with less then 100 points and lost only 3 games going into the SB.



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