Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

I heard from a buddy of mine that one of the analyst predicted that all road teams would win.  Who would of thought he would be almost right?  None of my predictions came true so I hope I didn't jinx the Pats with my Super Bowl prediction.  Although I did say if GB contained Vick and Jackson they would win.  I also said if Cassel played like crap they would lose.  So not a total bust.  Seriously who saw Seattle beating NO? Answer NO ONE!  The Jets Indie game I could see going either way but not like it did.  Peyton screwed up by leaving to much time on the clock.  Never mind they called a defensive time out to keep time on the clock to get the ball back which back fired if they didn't call that time out the play to Edwards wouldn't of happened then Folk
would of had to kick like a 50 yard field goal too.  He is so inconsistent that I would of taken my chance there.  KC's defense played pretty good till the end because they were gassed but Cassel wasn't on his game at all the offense looked like they were playing to lose.  GB contained Vick and Jackson pretty well and Rodgers looked good.  Love the commentary saying Vick threw 21 td's this season but only 1 went to Avant that is because he dropped like 5 in the end zone. Avant has speed but can't catch worth crap he dropped a 3rd down pass that would of kept a drive going in the 3rd quarter.  For every "highlight" catch he makes I will show you 3 he
should of caught.  How big was Akers missing 2 field goal that is 6 points right there.

My 2 cents

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