Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I expect out of week 11

Oak and Pitt
I think the Pats gave Oak the blueprint to beat Pitt and they have a TE in Zack Miller that will torch Pitts D. Oh yeah Oak in first place? Really? So much for that first round pick for Seymore.
GB and Minnie
Farva is going to get his head handed to him by GB's D. I don't expect Farva to finish the game.  The only one that is going to get any points for Minnis is Petterson.
Washington and Titans
Chris Johnson and Randy Moss enough said there Washington looked like crap last week I don't think that team has bought into Shannahan system yet.
Cleveland and Jac
Peyton Hillis and Cribbs and McCoy is all that needs to be said here.
Bal and Car
Rice, Boldin, and Heap against one of the worst D's in the league
Det and Dal
This one is a toss up for me.  Does Garrett really have big D turned around?  It is the same team that went 1-7 before firing Phillips.  I think Detroit has enough weapons to get it done along with Dallas D is not very good.
Houston and Jets
I really want Houston to beat the Jets! I don't think it will happen.  Revis will shutdown Johnson and I think Sanchez and LT will have a game.
KC and Ari
Not sure about this one I keep thinking Ari will start cranking out wins but they keep letting me down.  KC reminds me of the 01 Patriots they just keep finding ways to win.
Buf and Cincie
Buffalo has the weapons on offense to put some wins together but their D is god awful and Palmer is just going to pick their secondary apart.
NO and Sea
Drew Brees is really all that needs to be said with Colston and Moore they also might get Bush back.  Seattle has one of the worst D's in the league.
Atl and STL
Ryan, Turner, White this team is a contender their D is pretty good too. STL has Bradford who is looking really good. Jackson is just a beast but beyond that their wide outs are just ok.
TB and SF
TB has surprised me big time Freeman and Blount are playing very well. SF has been very disappointing to me I expected more from SF I would love to see Gore in a Pats uniform.
Indie and NE
This is going to be tough sledding for both teams here.  Indie is very banged up and the Pats are young. I suspect a very close game here 3-7 point difference at the end. This will be a high scoring game.
Philly and Giants
This is going to be a game to watch. Vick still will have a good game but not as good as last week. If the G men don't tighten up their D Vick will have another game. I don't expect that to happen Coughlin will have the G men firing on all cylinders.  This will be a close game and come down to mental error's at the end of the game. I predict Vick will burn them with a game winning drive.
SD and Denver
This one is a toss up SD got off to a slow start and are starting to turn it up.  Not sure what happened in Denver but it is great to see McDaniel falling on his face. 

Week 11 picks

This sucks the last few weeks I have gone from 1st place and up bye 2 too 4th place and down by 6 lets see what this week brings.  No more byes at least so potential for more points.

Chicago 16 Miami 0
Oakland Pittsburgh
Green Bay Minnesota
Washington Tennessee
Cleveland Jacksonville
Baltimore Carolina
Detroit Dallas
Houston New York(NYJ)
Arizona Kansas City
Buffalo Cincinnati
Seattle New Orleans
Atlanta St. Louis
Tampa Bay San Francisco
Indianapolis New England
New York(NYG) Philadelphia
Denver San Diego
MNF total: 57


Saturday, November 20, 2010

RIP Pat Burns

I was debating on if I was going to post something or not.  I know he coached the B's for a few years but the only time I really remember him was with Montreal.  He did bring the B's to the playoffs he also won coach of the year well coaching the B's.  He actually won coach of the year with 3 out of the 4 teams he coached.  Ironically the only team he didn't win coach of the year with he won the Stanly Cup with NJ.  With everything he has done I am wondering why on earth he didn't get in to the HOF last year his first year eligible.  The sad part is he will get in now and not be able to be part of it.

Check this out for a resume:
Team Year Regular Season Post Season
G W L T OTL Pts Finish Result
MTL 1988–89 80 53 18 9 - 115 1st in Adams Lost in Stanley Cup Final
MTL 1989–90 80 41 28 11 - 93 3rd in Adams Lost in Second Round
MTL 1990–91 80 39 30 11 - 89 2nd in Adams Lost in Second Round
MTL 1991–92 80 41 28 11 - 93 1st in Adams Lost in Second Round
TOR 1992–93 84 44 29 11 - 99 3rd in Norris Lost in Third Round
TOR 1993–94 84 43 29 12 - 98 2nd in Central Lost in Third Round
TOR 1994–95 48 21 19 8 - 50 4th in Central Lost in First Round
TOR 1995–96 65 25 30 10 - (80) 3rd in Central (fired)
BOS 1997–98 82 39 30 13 - 91 2nd in Northeast Lost in First Round
BOS 1998–99 82 39 30 13 - 91 3rd in Northeast Lost in Second Round
BOS 1999–00 82 24 33 19 6 73 5th in Northeast Did Not Qualify
BOS 2000–01 8 3 4 1 0 (88) 4th in Northeast (fired)
NJ 2002–03 82 46 20 10 6 108 1st in Atlantic Won Stanley Cup
NJ 2003–04 82 43 25 12 2 100 2nd in Atlantic Lost in First Round
1019 501 353 151 14 - - 2003 Stanley Cup
• Career record of 501-353-151-14, for 1,167 points and a .573 winning percentage.
• Sixth in playoff games coached 149 and eighth in playoff wins with 78.
• Playoffs in 11 out of 14 seasons with the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils.

Burns battled cancer of the colon and the liver in 2004 and 2005 and hoped he had beaten the disease, but in January 2009 doctors found it had spread to his lungs.

This time, he decided to forgo further treatment.

"Just as they will remember Pat for his success as a coach, hockey fans also will remember his humor, his honesty, his humanity and his courage," NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement. "As it mourns the loss of an outstanding contributor to the game, the National Hockey League sends heartfelt condolences to Pat's family and friends."

"Pat was a great coach and more importantly a wonderful man," Bruins president Cam Neely said. "The Bruins are honored to have him as a part of our history."

Friday, November 19, 2010

Michael Vick (yes a none NE story)

First off I was on a couple of sites that says Goodell is proud of what a great job Vick has done blah, blah, blah.... Please don't read to much into the blah statement I just can't stand Goodell but Vick is another story. I am not his biggest fan normally.  This year a little more so because we have him as our main QB in fantasy and I also have him in my other league as my main QB.  But that is not what this post is about this post is about all the negative BS that make my hate man kind even more then normal and that is all the HATERS that can't let go!  Listen I am not saying what Vick did in his pass is right I am a animal lover and what he did was vial. But enough already he paid his price and a hefty one at that.  It isn't like he killed someone um Ray Lewis anyone? I didn't hear about Ray speaking out against violence.  Did you? Or was trying to sell drugs Jamal Lewis? I didn't hear him going to schools and giving talks about the dangers of drugs. Did you? Pac-Man Jones hasn't said a word about the evils of alcohol and violence. Any one disagree? But he learned and is speaking out against it.  He has made something of himself and at the same time made it fun for me to watch other games other then the Patriots!  GO PATS!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pats will not be blowen out

Yes the Patriots had a very bad week last week.  Yes their facing a very tough defense in the Steelers. Will what happen last week happen again? HELL NO! The Pats have not had back to back horrendous games since Pete Carrol so enough said there.  They are going to come out and take it to them in the first half it will still be close like 10-7.  Pitt will come out in the second half and tighten it up. Look for the Pats to step up the run game a little and throw a TON of screens there is no one in the NFL that can throw those screens like the Pats.  This should open up some big plays to either Branch or Hernandez down field don't be surprise if Crumpler has his best game in a Pats uniform.  Who wins?  Not sure going to be tough one!  I think who ever wins will be by a field goal or less.  I am going to go out on a limb and say 21-20 Pats.

That is my take on this week!


Week 10 picks

I am feeling pretty good about my picks this week.  I guess I will know in about 8 hours if that feeling stays or not.  I am now in 4th place down by 3 points in the over all.  I think I can make it up this week I hope LOL.  Any who here are my picks:

Baltimore 21 Atlanta 26
Minnesota Chicago
Tennessee Miami
Detroit Buffalo
New York(NYJ) Cleveland
Cincinnati Indianapolis
Carolina Tampa Bay
Houston Jacksonville
Kansas City Denver
Seattle Arizona
Dallas New York(NYG)
St. Louis San Francisco
New England Pittsburgh
Philadelphia Washington
MNF total: 57


Sunday, November 7, 2010

sorry for the late post

I lost first place by only 1 point got to see if I can keep it up.

Arizona 0 Minnesota 0
Chicago 0 Buffalo 0
Miami 0 Baltimore 7
New Orleans 0 Carolina 3
Tampa Bay 0 Atlanta 7
New England 0 Cleveland 10
San Diego 0 Houston 7
New York(NYJ) 0 Detroit 0
New York(NYG) Seattle
Kansas City Oakland
Indianapolis Philadelphia
Dallas Green Bay
Pittsburgh Cincinnati
MNF total: 47


Friday, November 5, 2010

The PUSSAFACTION of the NFL is complete!

WTF seriously a perfect legal hit in Favre's chest that cause his chin to get a few freaking stitches and Pryor gets fined? Goodell has to go!  This is not cool!! Now your fining players for legal hits that cause injury to an old decrypted quarter back that should of retired years ago?  I think Goodell has the picture of Favres johnson hanging on his wall! The NFL wants Favre to get to 300 games!