Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My take on week 3 games

This is the deal the Pats are going to need 35+ points every week in order to win. Our defense is pathetic! Yes they are young but come on! I truly hope by week 8 they turn it around because if they don't we will not be in the post season this year.
On to the Denver game all I have to say is HAHAHA that is why we let you have Maroney 3 attempts from inside the 2 and he couldn't get it in LOL.
The Jets and Miami game was a better game then I thought it was going to be. Miami just couldn't get rolling till the second quarter which was to little to late. Both teams looked solid on both sides of the ball. Miami took some very stupid penalties late in the game along Ricky fumbling hurt them. I am actually scared to face Miami next Monday night.
Green Bays looking very strong on both sides of the ball they just might go all the way. They just need to stop all the stupid penalties. Chicago offense couldn't get going till late in the second. Then there is Devin Hester why do teams kick to this guy OMG. Chicago's D gave them the chance to win. They had some strong stances deep in GB zone then they were able to create a turn over.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My picks for week 3

Well only got 9 right last week that sucked after 11 in week one.  I hope to improve this week.

Buffalo New England
Detroit Minnesota
San Francisco Kansas City
Cincinnati Carolina
Atlanta New Orleans
Pittsburgh Tampa Bay
Tennessee New York(NYG)
Cleveland Baltimore
Dallas Houston
Philadelphia Jacksonville
Washington St. Louis
Indianapolis Denver
San Diego Seattle
Oakland Arizona
New York(NYJ) Miami
Green Bay Chicago
MNF total: 45


Fantasy Football teams

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My picks for week 2

Tampa Bay Carolina
Baltimore Cincinnati
Kansas City Cleveland
Arizona Atlanta
Buffalo Green Bay
Chicago Dallas
Philadelphia Detroit
Pittsburgh Tennessee
Miami Minnesota
St. Louis Oakland
Seattle Denver
Houston Washington
Jacksonville San Diego
New England New York(NYJ)
New York(NYG) Indianapolis
New Orleans San Francisco


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week one in Football

Well here it is a little late but worth the wait seeing that one of my wishes came true.  Can we say BUH BYE Maroney! The Pats traded Maroney and a 6th round pick in 2011 for a 4th round pick in 2011.  I know some of you are saying where is the value in this?  Well let me break it down for you.  One it frees up a roster spot to bring back OLB Marques Murrell who was released to free up a spot for Quinn Ojinnaka and we moved up in the draft for 2011 which could have value if Bill doesn't decide to trade down.

NOW for the break down of Week One:

I will start with my beloved Pats. Boy what a surprise Sunday was from our O line holding up and protecting Brady to our D actually getting sacks and a pick 6.  We looked good on both sides of the ball for a change I hope this is a good sign of things to come.  Now to touch on Moss not that I want to but I figured I would put my 2 cents in. SHUT UP AND PLAY FOOTBALL! Enough said!

Now for the rest of the NFL at least what I saw:

Green Bay got killed with injuries and in case you haven't heard if you have Ryan Grant on your Fantasy team drop him he is out for the season.  Despite losing their top back they still managed to win BARLEY no thanks to Vick who came in for a injured Kolbe who got knocked out with a "concussion or jaw injury" I say jaw injury because there is a chance he could play this week according to reports that I have seen.  Keep an eye on this if your in Fantasy because Vick adds a whole new dimension that could be worth a wire pick up.

Both the Jets and Baltimore looked like CRAP offensively all though it might of had little to do with both D's were insane.  Good tight game but the Jets paid an even bigger price other then losing the game.  They lost Jenkins for the year, rumor has it they might be going for Haynesworth.  I say please do because that locker room is going to imploded by the end of the year so why not add a little fuel to the fire.

I got to watch some of the KC and SD game.  Man KC got some young studs that can RUN like Jamaal Charles, Dexter McCluster and Dustin Colquitt!  Charles had a nice 56 yds run for a TD, McCluster ran a punt back for like 84 yds and Colquitt put the Chiefs in good field position on kick offs he almost broke 2 the kicker got him both times but not by much.  SD looked like crap on both sides of the ball which kind of shocked me to be honest was expecting a lot more from Rivers and their D.

Last but not least the Skins and the Stars both didn't look very impressive and McNabb just looks weird in a Skins uniform (he also looked lost).  It was a decent defensive battle but the offense was anemic for both teams.  Washington hasn't scored a offensive TD in like 5 games that is not good.  I hope McNabb can figure it out in Washington with Shannahan because I think they will be a contender if not this year next.  One thing is obvious Shannahan is putting his magical touch on the run game if you have Portis on your Fantasy and he stays healthy you will be in good shape.  And Dallas well Romo is there QB enough said!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Get 'em while theyre hot.

Detroit over Chicago.

Cleveland over Tampa.

Atlanta over Pitt.

Tenn over Oakland.

Denver over Jax.

Indy over Houston.

NYG over Carolina.

Patriots over Cincinnati.

Miami over Buffalo.

STL over Arizona.

GB over Philly.

SF over Seattle.

Dallas over Washington.

Baltimore over NYJ.
SD over KC.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My picks for 9/12/10

Minnesota 9 New Orleans 14
Detroit Chicago
Cleveland Tampa Bay
Atlanta Pittsburgh
Oakland Tennessee
Denver Jacksonville
Indianapolis Houston
Carolina New York(NYG)
Cincinnati New England
Miami Buffalo
Arizona St. Louis
Green Bay Philadelphia
San Francisco Seattle
Dallas Washington
Baltimore New York(NYJ)
San Diego Kansas City
MNF total: 35


Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow up to my August 1st post

In case you don't remember what that post was or are to lazy to scroll down to it here is a quote "To those that are worried about number 12's contact issue please stop. There is no way in hell that Brady is going anywhere. It will get done sooner or later hopefully sooner so it can stop being a distraction (annoying)." Now it is official number 12 is the highest paid QB in the NFL until the Colts sign Manning.  The contract is reportedly worth 4 years at 18 million a year with 48.5 million guaranteed.  Now stick that in your pipe and smoke it all you nah sayers!  Now all they have to do is resign Moss and I will be totally happy!  Just so you know I don't think that is going to happen hope I am wrong but I doubt it.  Moss isn't listed as a captain of this team anymore which is kind of a hint I think.  I might be reading to much into it but I think with all the "bitching" Randy has been doing and now not being listed as a captain think it is the beginning of the end as Moss as a Patriot.  I just hope he don't bring the team down with him.  What we need to do and SOON is trade Marhoney and Mankins to get some help in our secondary.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brady "Shaken" post crash.

As radio station WEEI first reported, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a car accident this morning in downtown Boston. The quarterback was just "shaken", according to all reports, and did not go to the hospital. He went to team facilities at Gillette Stadium after the crash.

News7 reports that Brady was driving through an intersection with the green light, when another driver in a minivan ran a red light and was hit by Brady's car. The Jaws of Life were used by the fire department to remove the driver of the minivan, who was then transported to Brigham and Women's Hospital.

So the accident itself isn't as big of a story as most news outlets are portraying it as, here in Boston there's actually a reporter outside of the shop were Brady's car is.. Are you shitting me? Brady was lucky, the Patriots were lucky, we were all lucky - Brady is reported to be fine and is attending practice today.. But don't be surprised to see (*Tom Brady - Neck) on the injury report, we all know how Bill Bellicheck operates.

On a side-and-very-funny note, the word a buzz on twitter tells us that the car that hit Brady had New Jersey licence plates - I'm sure 3 dozen websites have the pictures - I haven't seen them. My guess? Mark Sanchez? Rex Ryan? Snooki? Eli Manning? Yes, the number of jokes is infinite.

Brady is also rumored to be close to signing a multi-year contract extension.

An extension that we have all been eagerly awaiting.

But what is Brady's perspective post crash? This is the kind of incident that can really affect a persons mentality. A close call, regardless of how little actual damage is done, is bound to make you reconsider your own mortality, and subsequently perhaps his football career. All the talk surrounding Brady's extension has mostly been about the fact that it isn't done yet. The first problem being that he is the New England Patriots - So why has it taken so long? And the all too real problem of Brady going into a new football season without any money guaranteed in the future. Reports say Brady's contract is close, but is it close enough? Sunday is quickly approaching and a lot of those NFL linebackers hit about as hard as that van did.

The Patriots have released a statement via Twitter:

Patriots QB Tom Brady was in a car accident this morning. He was not hospitalized and is expected at Gillette Stadium today. #fb

New England Patriots