Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My take on week 3 games

This is the deal the Pats are going to need 35+ points every week in order to win. Our defense is pathetic! Yes they are young but come on! I truly hope by week 8 they turn it around because if they don't we will not be in the post season this year.
On to the Denver game all I have to say is HAHAHA that is why we let you have Maroney 3 attempts from inside the 2 and he couldn't get it in LOL.
The Jets and Miami game was a better game then I thought it was going to be. Miami just couldn't get rolling till the second quarter which was to little to late. Both teams looked solid on both sides of the ball. Miami took some very stupid penalties late in the game along Ricky fumbling hurt them. I am actually scared to face Miami next Monday night.
Green Bays looking very strong on both sides of the ball they just might go all the way. They just need to stop all the stupid penalties. Chicago offense couldn't get going till late in the second. Then there is Devin Hester why do teams kick to this guy OMG. Chicago's D gave them the chance to win. They had some strong stances deep in GB zone then they were able to create a turn over.
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