Sunday, October 31, 2010

My picks for week 8

Well I am still in first place lets see if I can keep it up.

Buffalo Kansas City
Carolina St. Louis
Jacksonville Dallas
Washington Detroit
Miami Cincinnati
Denver San Francisco
Green Bay New York(NYJ)
Tennessee San Diego
Seattle Oakland
Tampa Bay Arizona
Minnesota New England
Pittsburgh New Orleans
Houston Indianapolis
MNF total: 55


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Fantasy Football team Power Rankings

Things to notice is our "could of won" category, eff., and our bench points. Highest efficiency rating and lowest bench point which brings up the goose egg for "would of won".  Right now we are siting in 4th place over all with which is the wild card spot only the 3 first place teams in the division and one wild card goes to playoffs

Power Rankings
  All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank W L T Pct
D Pack69080286.0%333143693131.5552241.682
Sullivan Club62669090.7%250128610230.7145320.584
THE REAL LIONS!!!!58267686.1%301105581330.3941360.532
Drunken Irish65269294.2%182137580229.2148290.623
fuzzy dunlop50663080.3%31891440324.9524530.312
D Lions53861887.1%21199550021.7734421.448
Big Time's Ballas46661176.3%29194523120.1220561.266
every f-n sunday43956977.2%27976415015.6815620.195


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 6 picks

Well first off they changed the rules this year no more half way split only end of season prize
Here are my picks for this week:

San Diego St. Louis
Baltimore New England
Atlanta Philadelphia
Cleveland Pittsburgh
New Orleans Tampa Bay
Seattle Chicago
Detroit New York(NYG)
Miami Green Bay
Kansas City Houston
Oakland San Francisco
New York(NYJ) Denver
Dallas Minnesota
Indianapolis Washington
Tennessee Jacksonville
MNF total: 35


Monday, October 11, 2010

Couple of quick notes

First off I won my pool without tonight's game with 10 wins and I jumped up to first place in the standing with 3 weeks left hope I don't mess up.  Second I don't think we have to worry whether Vick is getting the starting job back Kolbe looked AWFUL.  Not sure what Andy Reid sees in him but damn from what I can see he just isn't going through his reads fast enough yes they have some O line issues but not all of it is on them.  Tennessee's D looks pretty good this year and Dallas is GOD AWFUL.  Not sure what is going on in the Big D but they need to turn it around a quickly they are 1-4. Wonder if Wade Phillips job is on the line?  I can pretty much say Sigultary's is SF is off to a 0-5 start I think the worst in their history.

Till the next time

PS I took the Jets tonight not that I need them to win now.  I would actually like to see them lose bring them back to earth.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Pats the New York football Giants and more

Let me apologize first off real life got in the way of me posting anything this past week. Now with that out of the way. I got 9 right again on my picks I am in a 4 way tie for 3rd. This matters because we get money for the first 3 places for weeks 1-8 then again 9-17.
On the fantasy side of things we got screwed by Vick going down so early in the game.  He should of listened to DeSean Jackson "Listen stop taking hits like that we need you" the next play BOOM we were looking down a shotgun barrel watching our chances of winning go up in smoke.  The report is he will miss this week but should be good to go next week.
In my other league I won only because of the Giants posting 40 points. The Bears O line needs to get a hell of a lot better or they are going to get Cutler KILLED!  Not all of it is on the O line but a nice chunk of it is.  Cutler wasn't seeing anything and there was good coverage down field. I did watch other games on Sunday but can't recall which ones and what happened need to start making notes for each game in case real life gets in the way again.  The funny part is I dvr'ed them to test it then deleted them Monday figuring I wouldn't need them LOL boy was a wrong.
I feel bad for the special teams coach in Miami.....YEAH RIGHT!  Dumb ass I guess he didn't learn from the first 3 weeks when he had multiple blocked field goals and block punts.  We should of been down by more then 1 point going into the half but Ninkovich's in his 5th year mostly on practice squad gets first in his career picks (2) took care of that.  Then there is record setting second half starting with Brandon Tate running one back for 103 yds.  Then 2nd year S Chung starts blocking field goals and punts and interceptions turning them into 6 points.  This was the first time in the history of the NFL that a team has gotten a point from every aspect of the game receiving, rushing, block punt, blocked field goal, kick return and a interception.
Now for a very sore subject Randy Moss. I do find it ironic that he has to deal with Revis again this coming week LOL!  What is the over/under on interceptions by Farve?  I can say that I thought he was going to have a record breaking year this year with US and not be resigned. I can't say I am shocked after his display of arrogance and ignorance after week 1's win. The signs were on the wall then that this dude is going to be a issue in the locker room all off season.  Then there is week 4 he gets only 1 pass thrown to him which he dropped that was partially on Brady with a bad throw.  After the game I thought this was going to be it that Moss was going to be gone but didn't expect it this soon. Then the reports start to surface about a meltdown at half time between him and O'Brian the QB coach who calls the plays.  Then I knew he was going to be gone sooner then later just didn't know how soon.  Well I guess 2 days after it all happened he was in Minnie catching balls from Farve. I wish him luck it was great well it lasted, but there were reports of him becoming more and more like Manny and Bill will not tolerate that.  It should not shock anyone that Bill would do something like this he let Law, Malloy, Seimore, Branch and many others go without any hesitation proving not one player in that room is above the next.
I will try and get my picks up Sunday and do some more postings till then have a great weekend.