Friday, August 27, 2010

Sports and the Father/Son relationship.

First. Please read this story, it's well worth it.

Logan Morrison hits first triple as ill father watches from stands.

I don't often find myself feeling emotion for other people, it's just not me, good or bad I try not to make others lives a concern of my own. But it's the stories like this that anybody with a heart can feel for.
And it brings me to this -

The factor sports can play in building a father and son's relationship.

This is nothing new, almost everybody in America grew up playing catch with their father; But even in adulthood sports can play a significant role.

From personal experience as a 23 year old, almost all of my conversations with my father begins with sports; It can veer off in an unlimited number of directions, but it always starts with sports. After a hard day of work no man wants to talk religion, politics, or philosophy - But no matter the situation most men can talk sports. Especially in a city like Boston, sports is so ingrained in our psyche. Sox, Pats, Celts, Bruins - You have something to say about one of those 4 things right now - I can guarantee it.

Boys growing up will immediately and instinctively look to their father and copy them, our first personalities are almost an extension of our fathers. Getting your first glove and bat, watching your first ball game, playing your first ball game in front of your father - It's all so magical at the time, and maybe you never really forget.

What else can bring together fathers and sons from almost any walk of life; Rich or poor, fat or skinny, American or European, smart or stupid - as men we generally all enjoy sports, whatever sport it may be.

I've always looked at sports as being a major contributing factor to the bond I have with my father. I can still smell the terrible old Fenway bathroom, I still remember sitting on his shoulders at my first Bruins game, I remember watching the first Superbowl winning Patriots team - I was on the couch right next to my father. A lot of my good times and bad times have hinged on sports teams (as sad as that may be) - And usually even the bad times aren't so bad, because me and pops will always have another season to watch next year.

Preseason Game number 3

Not sure how many actually watched the game last night but I must say a few things about it. First off we came out flat both offense and defense. The second half looks like they got a wake up call from Coach B. Although the defense still looked like crap they couldn't get off the field last night they gave up like 4 or 5 3rd and longs you just can't do that. That bomb from Brady to Moss was absolutely insane I think we will be seeing that at least once every game. There run game was no where to be found last night which kind of pisses me off considering what they did in the first 2 games. I look at it like this though both Taylor and Marhoney weren't in the line up last night. So could this be our starting pair? Faulk just keeps going out there on 3rd and what ever and delivering time and time again. Now for our tight ends OMFG! We all know what Crumpler brings to the table that catch he made is typical Crumpler but Gronkowski is a beast. The sportscasters and talk show peeps need to chill with comparing him to Coats one it is far to the kid and two Coats is one of my all time favorite Patriots. It will be a long time before this kid can file number 87's shoes. I am going to be interested in seeing what Coach does with our defense because even our starters looked like crap last night. They just kept pounding the ball up the gut of our line we couldn't stop anything or anyone even there number 2 and 3 rb's were pounding us. Everyone kept saying oh they will get next week off you want to make a bet? Not with Coach's tone last night he might play them all next week to make sure they get the picture. We will see and I will be back next week for my 2 cents

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jesus is my home boy .. again?

It feels funny to say this, but Johnny Damon might be a Red Sox player again.

Yeah, that's just weird.

Damon has to figure out of he wants to join the Red Sox for the stretch run of the season.

The Red Sox put a waiver wire claim in for the 36-year-old DH/Outfielder.

What does Damon actually offer?

Lets rephrase that - Leave out name recognition.

Do the Red Sox need an "outfielder" that can't throw, is 36, has lost his speed, has limited power, limited outfield range, and is really just a DH now?

A lot of writers, hosts, bloggers, etc.. have pointed to this being simply a "block" move. Since we all assumed the Tampa Bay Rays would interested in Damon - due to his previously mentioned limitations. But, last I heard on the radio and have read online the Sox have sincere interest in Damon.

The last report I heard was that Tigers brass talked to Damon and explained to him that the Sox were very interested in him and Tampa Bay did not claim him. So we know the Sox didn't have to block him from Tampa - and he's probably better than Darnell McDonald if he can still play the outfield efficiently.

But will Damon waive his "no Trade/movement clause"?

The more interesting side of the story is that whether or not the Sox do have legitimate interest, it might not matter, maybe Damon just doesn't want to come back. Early reports tell us Damon is not fully willing accept a trade to Boston, but there's still some wiggle room as Damon said it will be a tough decision.
  • Ed Price reported that Johnny Damon told him that he can block any potential move to Boston and is not *inclined* to rejoin the Red Sox.
The orginization insulted Johnny Damon. They didn't want him back after he was one of the main pieces in a world series team .. But now they need him - and he's not so quick to forgive and forget.

On top of the orginization giving him a big "thanks, but fuck you" - He got much of the same from the "fans", just without the thanks.

The frauds of Fenway park - you see them, there's too many to miss; They booed Johnny Damon.

Resounding boos shook the park at the mention of his name.

"Looks like Jesus, throws like Mary, betrays like Judas"
  • Damon left Boston for the New York Yankees. Fact.
  • The Yankees offered 12 million dollars more than the Red Sox. Fact.
  • Anybody would have taken the extra 12 MILLION DOLLARS. Fact.
Different player, same old story.

We live in an age where athletes make millions of dollars, team owners make billions, and fans shell out a weeks pay for a day at the park. The romanticized fandom of the past for players is (and should be) gone. There's no need to wear a jersey with another mans name on it. There's no reason to like a guy once he leaves your team. But Boston fans have developed a particular nasty habit of casting people as mustache twirling bad guys on their way out the door.

Damon telling the Red Sox and Red Sox fans to fuck themselves might be a good lesson in not burning bridges. A lesson to the team that their days of being appealing to players might be numbered. And a lesson to the so called "bandwagon fans" fans to not be so stupid.

Damon played his balls off here; He exemplified every quality that other players are chastised for not having. He was a bit of a goof. But he was a class act. He played hurt. He played often. He played hard. He played like a winner.

Remember what happened the first game back as a member of the New York Yankees? The crowd booed - 90% of the crowd booed. Yet, in a final display of class - Damon tipped his hat to the thousand or so that tried to cheer through the boos.

I just don't know if Damon is a better option than what the team already has .. and the guys already playing have worked their asses off to earn it; is it the best tact to snatch it from these hungry players in favor of a 36 year old with bum wheels?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The most amazing catch you will ever see.

EMBED-Spiderman Style Baseball Catch - Watch more free videos

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Now for some football

Well football is here at least training camp has started (day 4). To those that are worried about number 12's contact issue please stop. There is no way in hell that Brady is going anywhere. It will get done sooner or later hopefully sooner so it can stop being a distraction (annoying). Welker is looking good thank god. I just hope there not rushing him back to soon because of Patten retiring. Lets hope that some of our draft picks can become impact players this year not have to be schooled to long. Still having a hard time figuring out why Marhoney is still with us I know his contract isn't that much of a cap hit but seriously WTF! He better get his ass in gear and do what needs to be done. To those naysayers about Moss all I got to say is get use to hearing Brady to Moss all year! There is a good chance they will break there own record for TD passes this year. In order for that to happen though we need our running game to be at least B+ or nothing will happen again this year. Well that is it for now be back for more rants as we get closer to the season opener.