Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lindy Ruff beat down day.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bruins win the series. Heres a parting gift for the Sabres and their cry baby coach.

Neely roughing up ruff.

3 punches, and bitch goes down. Ouch.

Next LB kicks his ass.

Kluzak VS. Ruff

Im Starting to see a pattern here..

Mike Milbury vs Lindy Ruff

Damn, all that, and another beat down last night. If it wasn't so funny, I might actually feel bad for him.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Bruins and Sabres will continue their best-of-seven first round series tonight when they hit the ice at TD Garden for Game 4. The Bruins took a 2-1 series lead after a 2-1 victory over Buffalo on Marathon Monday. It seems like the Bruins have all the momentum in this series and they would love nothing more than to win on home ice to go up 3-1 before heading back to New York for Game 5 on Friday night.

Marc Savard, Mark Stuart and Dennis Seidenberg aren't available for Boston, yet they're coping fine. We’re seeing a team that has found themselves during this first round against the best goalie in the league.

Tuukka Rask has outdueled Ryan Miller, and Mark Recchi has proven that age is just a number. Sobotka has come out of no where to show everybody it's not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. Johnny Boychuk has delivered punishing hits, Dennis Wideman and Michael Ryder have suddenly found their game (finally), and the captain Zdeno Chara has played exactly how the captain should, he's upped his intensity and aggressiveness, and is playing really great playoff hockey.

Performing well in game three, Buffalo's undoing was a lost battle by Tim Kennedy to Mark Recchi. That's it, but that's all it takes. Ruff is a great coach, his team is going to drive to the net, screen Rask and take the body. As lights-out as Tuukka Rask has been, the Bruins goaltender is receiving some good luck. There were pucks he had no sight of, but they hit a part of his body somehow. But good fortune never lasts forever. If they keep firing pucks at Rask, a few are bound to take a strange bounce or deflection and start finding the back of the net.

Most importantly The bruins have destroyed the Sabres on the boards, the Bruins need to continue to win that battle, they are forcred to outworked buffalo, because overall they fall short talent wise.

Buffalo has the ability, but Boston has taken up the mental aspect of the game. They believe they can and will defeat the Sabres. The bruins are showing their toughness and Johnny Boychuk has gotten inside the Sabres' heads. Eliminating Vanek for the time being and crushing Matt Ellis with a terrific hit. But this series isn't over yet. It's only beginning for the Buffalo Sabres, who didn't fight through 82 regular season games to roll over and face an early playoff exit. The Bruins need to continue the gritty play, pay attention to the details and outwork Buffalo in all three zones.

Watch for Buffalo to try to regain form and bring the pain to the B's, they have decided to add a little muscle to their lineup and have called up Cody McCormick from the Portland Pirates, a 6'3" 215 lb grind it out forward.

- Mark Recchi is the only player on either team to score a power play goal in this series. The Bruins are 1 for 6 on the power play, while the Sabres are 0 for 12.
- Mark Recchi is the third oldest player to score an NHL playoff goal.

Boston Loves Mark Recchi.

#91 Update

Marc Savard skated for two consecutive days this week, and most importantly, he passed his neuro-psych test on Tuesday afternoon, which cleared him to practice with his teammates. Savard is not in physical game shape yet, but if Savard can get himself conditioned, a return to action during the course of this series is not being ruled out.

"I have to be realistic, here, and when I'm 100 percent condition-wise and mentally positive I can do this, I'll be ready to go," Savard said on Tuesday at Ristuccia Arena. “ I’m getting my wind back still, but head-wise, everything’s clear.”
With the Bruins leading their series with Buffalo 2-1, there is caution on the side of the Bruins' coaching staff to not rush Savard back into the lineup too soon. Remember, it’s an injury to his brain we’re talking about here, not a broken foot. The Bruins need to be sure Savard is 100-percent ready.

Hopefully Savard can make an appearance in the playoffs. We will be right there waiting when #91 returns to his position on the top line.

***Grind now, shine later team.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its a mash up today folks - get it while its hot.

Ok, it's been a few days, a few things have happend so lets see where my thoughts take me on this one.

First off, Bruins 2nd pick overall. PRAY FOR TAYLOR HALL. Bergeron, Savard, krejci, Sobotka, and Zach Hamill (Drafted in the 1st round, 8th overall by the Boston Bruins in the 2007), are all centers. Kessel got traded, Lucic, Sturm, and Wheeler are not the answer, the Bruins need to pick up a winger that can score.

Team VP Cam Neely had nothing but good things to say about Taylor Hall,
"He's a winger that's got a lot of speed, and he's not afraid to go to the dirty areas, Nowadays, that's where a lot of goals are scored from, and he's got a great shot and sees the ice really well."

Although, I wouldn't be surprised if Chiarelli managed to fuck this up and draft top rated Dman Cam Fowler. Nothing against Fowler, the guy can play, but I cant bear to see the Bruins waste another pick on a Dman.

And just an aside, Johnny Boychuk, oh man do I love the way Boychuk plays. Take minutes from Wideman and give them to Boychuk thats all Im going to say.

Lets move on to your New England Patriots.Oh ... What? ... Wait a minute. The Patriots still haven't done anything? Oh well, other football teams are still getting it done in the AFC East. The most recent aquisition, Brandon Marshall, pro bowl calibur WR and booze hound, is on his way to the Miami Dolphins, and we all know the Tuna will make Marshall shut up, sit the fuck down, and go catch some footballs.

The J E T S, the ever overrated NY Jets that is, have signed LT, traded for Santonio Holmes, Antonio Cromartie. Team acquires big-name player. Big headlines follow. The hype machine starts spinning. And the next thing you know, it's time to declare that team the one to beat. Really? The same team that added Cromartie, who has dealt with several paternity suits from fathering seven children with six women. Holmes, who has run afoul of the law and NFL before, is currently facing a civil lawsuit for allegedly assaulting a woman with a thrown glass in a nightclub and a four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The same Jets team that backed into the playoffs thanks to the Indianapolis Colts' pulling Peyton Manning? And don't forget the Patriots hammered the Jets 31-14 on Nov. 22, 2009. Sanchez was good last year, but ask Matt Ryan how a QB's second season in the NFL is, good luck Sanchez. The Jets got hot in the playoffs, and still sputtered out, this team is not the 86 Bears. Revis and Cromartie, yeah, that scares me, but is LT and Shonn Green splitting time an upgrade from Thomas Jones? No way, the Jets are marginally better than last year, and barely made the playoffs last year. But then again, the Pats haven't gotten better either so this could be a fun ride through the NFL this year.

"Hey, the game is played between those lines right there," said Wilfork, "On paper, they're making moves and great moves. But you know what? At the end of the day, it's played between those lines.", well said Mr.Wilfork, well said.

Boston Red Sox.
Baseball time in Boston, do you love it baby? It's early, very early, but Lester and Beckett have not looked sharp. Don't panic, it's too damn early, and Lester in particular has a history of starting slow. The Red Sox have started 3-4, but its only 7 games, this is still spring training basically, The big 3 will prevail. Yes I called them the big three, deal with it.

I'm almost hesistant to even analyze this team this early.

Let's start with everybody's favorite subject David Ortiz at DH. The numbers : 6 games / 22 ABs / 2 runs / 3 hits / 2 doubles / 2 RBIs / 2 BB / 11 STRIKE OUTS / .136 AVG. / .208 OBP / .227 SLG. / .436 OPS.---There only one name for that color of crayon, Fucking terrible. But let's keep in mind this is just 7 games people. Give him until early May before you start calling for Mike Lowell. It looks bad, and it probably will to stay bad, he can't hit lefties - Period. but he came on strong at the end of last year and Im hoping he can regain some form. I don't want to see Ortiz go the Mo Vaughn route, but it's heading there.


Beltre has hit surprisingly well batting .375. Billy hall was scary bad in his one game so far, the guy can't hit, and hes clearly a liability at short. Pedroia and Youkilis are the current heart and soul of this team and continue to play at the level we expect from them, both offensivly and defensively. The verdict is still out on scutaro, He hasn't floundered at short yet as I expected, he still has to prove that last year wasn't a fluke - and of course Alex Gonzalez has 4 homers compared to Scutaro's 0. V-Mart hasn't gotten his swing together yet, and I think that all the games behind the plate hurt his hitting - If Ortiz isn't going to be the everyday DH, they should try to get Victor some more time there - even if that means seeing Varitek behind the plate 1 extra day a week, ugh.

Hermida has had 10 ABs in 4 games he's played in. Small sample size, he's a new player and I don't know enough about him to make a real judgment yet. Ellsbury, besides making all the Boston girls horny, has 2 steals and a nice .333 average, but once again with 0 walks so far he also has just a .333 OBP - Jacoby, be a lead off hitter, patience is a virtue, BRING UP THAT GOD DAMN OBP. J.D. Drew - The man everybody loves to hate. I stuck by him in 2007 when he was tending to his sick child. In 2008, to my chagrin, he lived up to his rep and played even less, just 109 games. Last year he had good numbers, but his massive contract continues to warp peoples perception of him, and they consitantly expect more out of him because of it. Mike Cameron - Okay, the guys fucking 100, you know what he is and I know what he is. Hes going to produce a little pop, his average will be subpar or average, hes going to roam the outfield like a hawk, and he's going to strike out a ton. Im just impressed that he's only stuck out 5 times in 7 games.

Pitchers get their own posting after I've gotten a few more starts out of the pack. But everybody has seen this bullpen in action this season, and it has been ugly at times so far.

And last, but not least, congrats to phil mickelson, I don't like golf, and I wouldn't usually care about Lefty either, but congrats for such an emotional victory. He has taken time off from golf this season to take care of his sick wife, who has cancer. Unlike golfers that take time off for a subtance abuse problems or for a stint in sex rehab.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lackey hit Jeter in the 6th, yeah, welcome to Boston John.
First uniform FAIL of the yearEugenio Velez of the San Francicso Giants

Change the name of San Francisco to somthing a little less gay .. How about San Francicso?

Another season and another uniform FAIL, yup It's now officially baseball season again. Play Ball Bitches.