Thursday, January 6, 2011

My take on the coaching carosole in the NFL

I know this subject has been beat to death but I need to add my 2 cents on this.  I agree with most of the firings but there is one I don't agree with and that is Oakland firing Coach Cable.  He turned the Raiders around and got to 8-8 for the first time since like 2002.  Having 6 coaches in like 8 years is no way to run a team and Al Davis has lost his mind.  Who ever ends up in Oakland will not be interested in full control and will most likely be a first time coach and relatively unknown.  Where to go after that is a good question we have McDaniels, Phillips, Mangenius, Fox, Singletary and Childress to go with possible Fisher and Soprano.  Now lets add the rumor of Cower and Gruden coming out of the broadcast booth it will get real interesting real fast.  The only issue with them is they will want total control which I don't see happening with any of the openings out there except maybe and I stress maybe Miami.  Carolina might be willing to hand over control but I don't see them wanting to pay either of them.  As far as Fisher is concerned I doubt he is going anywhere if he gets canned it would be bad for the Titian's.  Most of their problems are centered around Young who they will not be bringing back and injuries.  I can see a change in OC and DC coming for the Titian's.  Their defense showed some good signs at times but at others was down right awful. Soprano is in danger just due to the fact that Harbough is available and owner Ross is said to be pushing hard for a big name.  The big question is just how much control will Ross turn over to a new head coach which makes it hard for Cower or Gruden to go there.  Now for a twist the 49ers are pushing for Harbough as well but I think they will come up short.  Depending on where Harbough lands will depend on who comes out of the broadcast booth and where they will land.  The Cowboys and Vikings took the intrem tag off there coaches which I think is a great move for both teams.  Phillips was hired by the Texans to be their DC which I think is a good move on the Texans part.  Both the Giant's Perry Fewell and Atlanta's Mike Mularkey interview for Cleveland's opening. Mularkey canceled a interview with the Broncos because Cleveland asked first according to reports.  McDaniels is said to be not interested in the 49ers opening but I could see him going to the Raiders which I don't think would be a smart move on his part.  I feel bad for who ever takes over the Raiders job.  I could see either Gruden or Cower taken over in Cleveland they should seriously think about Cower he has a solid following and could bring back fans who have lost faith in the Browns.  Rumor has it that Carolina is looking for a young coach to rebuild and they don't want to spend a whole lot of money to do it.  I could see Gruden going to Denver or the 49ers more likely Denver.  I think the 49ers will go with a relatively unknown and rebuild.  

Just my 2 cents 

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